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Two large-scale yeast two-hybrid screens were undertaken to identify protein-protein interactions between full-length open reading frames predicted from the Saccharomyces cerevisiae genome sequence. In one approach, we constructed a protein array of about 6,000 yeast transformants, with each transformant expressing one of the open reading frames as a fusion(More)
Autism is a behaviorally defined neurodevelopmental disorder of unknown etiology. Mouse models with face validity to the core symptoms offer an experimental approach to test hypotheses about the causes of autism and translational tools to evaluate potential treatments. We discovered that the inbred mouse strain BTBR T+tf/J (BTBR) incorporates multiple(More)
The yeast and human SKP1 genes regulate the mitotic cell cycle but are not yet known to be required for meiosis. Nine Arabidopsis SKP1 homologues have been uncovered and are named ASK1 through ASK9. Here, we report the isolation and characterization of a male sterile Arabidopsis mutant and show that the mutant defect was caused by a Ds transposon insertion(More)
The central complex is an important center for higher-order brain function in insects. It is an intricate neuropil composed of four substructures. Each substructure contains repeated neuronal elements which are connected by processes such that topography is maintained. Although the neuronal architecture has been described in several insects and the(More)
Measurements of agreement are needed to assess the acceptability of a new or generic process, methodology, and formulation in areas of laboratory performance, instrument or assay validation, method comparisons, statistical process control, goodness of Ž t, and individual bioequivalence. In all of these areas, one needs measurements that capture a large(More)
Android platform adopts permissions to protect sensitive resources from untrusted apps. However, after permissions are granted by users at install time, apps could use these permissions (sensitive resources) with no further restrictions. Thus, recent years have witnessed the explosion of undesirable behaviors in Android apps. An important part in the(More)
With the growing popularity of Android platform, Android application market becomes a major distribution center where Android users download apps. Unlike most of the PC apps, Android apps manipulates personal information such as contract and SMS messages, and leakage of such information may cause great loss to the Android users. Thus, detecting information(More)
We have screened a collection of approximately 400 GAL4 enhancer trap lines for useful patterns of expression in the embryo, larval brain, imaginal discs, and ovary using a UAS-lacZ reporter construct. Although similar patterns of expression have previously been reported in the original P[lacZ] enhancer trap screens, these lines are useful for directing(More)
Android phones often carry personal information, attracting malicious developers to embed code in Android applications to steal sensitive data. With known techniques in the literature, one may easily determine if sensitive data is being transmitted out of an Android phone. However, transmission of sensitive data in itself does not necessarily indicate(More)
Specification of pattern is fundamental to the development of a multicellular organism. The Malpighian (renal) tubule of Drosophila melanogaster is a simple epithelium that proliferates under the direction of a single tip cell into three morphologically distinct domains. However, systematic analysis of a panel of over 700 P[GAL4] enhancer trap lines reveals(More)