Min Xuan Zhang

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—In this paper, we propose a novel H-infinity filter based particle filter (H∞PF), which incorporates the H-infinity filter (H∞F) algorithm into the particle filter (PF). The basic idea of the H∞PF is that new particles are sampled by the H∞F algorithm. Since the H∞F algorithm can fully take into account the current measurements, when the new algorithm(More)
—Finding sparsifying transforms is an important prerequisite of compressed sensing (CS) theory. It is directly related to the reconstruction accuracy. In this work, we propose a new dictionary learning (DL) algorithm to improve the accuracy of CS reconstruction. In the proposed algorithm, Least Angle Regression (LARS) algorithm and an approximate SVD method(More)
The unipolar and bipolar macroscopic quantum models derived recently for instance in the area of charge transport are considered in spatial one-dimensional whole space in the present paper. These models consist of nonlinear fourth-order parabolic equation for unipolar case or coupled nonlinear fourth-order parabolic system for bipolar case. We show for the(More)
— An electric field time-domain integral equation (TDIE) for arbitrarily two-dimensional bodies located on a time-evolving rough surface is presented. The explicit solution technique of the TDIE is considered, and the time responses of the current distributions and the far-zone field are investigated in detail, meanwhile, the method of moment associated(More)
In this work, liquid colour-changing lenses for vision protection, camouflage and optical filtering are developed by circulating colour liquids through microfluidic channels on the lenses manually. Soft lithography technology is applied to fabricate the silicone liquid colour-changing layers with microfluidic channels on the lenses instead of mechanical(More)
In consideration of rainfall, over-speeding and road alignment, driver braking which caused the risk of vehicle moving on curved sections is analyzed synthetically. The simulation model of the dynamic characteristic of vehicle is established using Carsim, the critical adhesion coefficient and lateral acceleration are used as the evaluation index of vehicle(More)
It is well known and proved that any genus zero surface can be conformally mapped onto the sphere. In this paper, we introduce a composite map which finds a conformal mapping between brain surface and a sphere based on the paper Genus Zero Surface Conformal Mapping and Its Application to Brain Surface Mapping (X.Gu et al. 2002) [1]. We also conduct(More)
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