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The Wisconsin Multifacet Project has created a simulation toolset to characterize and evaluate the performance of multiprocessor hardware systems commonly used as database and web servers. We leverage an existing full-system functional simulation infrastructure (Simics [14]) as the basis around which to build a set of timing simulator modules for modeling(More)
Debuggers have been proven indispensable in improving software reliability. Unfortunately, on most real-life software, debuggers fail to deliver their most essential feature --- a faithful replay of the execution. The reason is non-determinism caused by multithreading and non-repeatable inputs. A common solution to faithful replay has been to record the(More)
Now at VMware. Multithreaded deterministic replay has important applications in cyclic debugging, fault tolerance and intrusion analysis. Memory race recording is a key technology for multithreaded deterministic replay. In this paper, we considerably improve our previous always-on Flight Data Recorder (FDR) in four ways: <b>&#8226;Longer recording</b> by(More)
We aim to improve reliability of multithreaded programs by proposing a dynamic detector that detects potentially erroneous program executions and their causes. We design and evaluate a <i>Serializability Violation Detector</i> (SVD) that has two unique goals: (I) triggering automatic recovery from erroneous executions using backward error recovery (BER), or(More)
This paper presents a novel framework called audio keywords to assist event detection in soccer video. Audio keyword is a middle-level representation that can bridge the gap between low-level features and high-level semantics. Audio keywords are created from low-level audio features by using support vector machine learning. The created audio keywords can be(More)
—The extensive amount of multimedia information available necessitates content-based video indexing and retrieval methods. Since humans tend to use high-level semantic concepts when querying and browsing multimedia databases, there is an increasing need for semantic video indexing and analysis. For this purpose, we present a unified framework for semantic(More)
The present study evaluated autophagy activation in astrocytes and its contribution to astrocyte injury induced by cerebral ischemia and hypoxia. Focal cerebral ischemia was induced by permanent middle cerebral artery occlusion (pMCAO) in rats. In vitro hypoxia in cultured primary astrocytes was induced by the oxygen-glucose deprivation (OGD). Alterations(More)
Sports video has been widely studied due to its tremendous commercial potentials. Despite encouraging results from various specific sports games, it is almost impossible to extend a system for a new sports game because they usually employ different sets of low-level features appropriate for the specific games and closely coupled with the use of game(More)
Full-system simulation is increasingly used to evaluate the performance of commercial workloads on future multiprocessor designs. However, challenges such as simulation slowdown, sizing constraints, and workload tuning impede the development of commercial work-loads for timing simulators. We describe how we address these challenges in our development of(More)
Emotional factors directly reflect audiences' attention, evaluation and memory. Affective contents analysis not only create an index for users to access their interested movie segments, but also provide feasible entry for video highlights. Most of the work focus on emotion type detection. Besides emotion type, emotion intensity is also a significant clue(More)