Min-Woo Jang

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self-assembly, patterning, and characterization Miao Lu, Min-Woo Jang, Greg Haugstad, Stephen A. Campbell, and Tianhong Cui Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Minnesota, 1100 Mechanical Engineering 111 Church Street S.E., Minneapolis, Minnesota 55455, USA Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Minnesota, EECS(More)
In this work we report the characteristics and performance of a sodium-ion battery based on a Sn-C anode and a Na(Ni(0.5)Mn(0.5))O(2) cathode. We show that both electrodes behave satisfactorily in terms of capacity delivery and cycle life when tested in sodium semicells. By coupling these electrodes in an electrolyte solution of sodium perchlorate in a(More)
Nanoelectromechanical systems (NEMS) is an emerging nanoscale technology that combines mechanical and electrical effects in devices. A variety of NEMS-based devices have been proposed for integrated chip designs. Amongst them are near-ideal digital switches. The electromechanical principles that are the basis of these switches impart the capability of(More)
An all single-walled carbon nanotube film was deposited through layer-by-layer self-assembly without use of a copolymer, resulting in 75% reduction of resistivity compared to previous composite films made with copolymer. The deposited film thickness could be well controlled by changing the number of dipping cycles. Moreover, a 3-terminal electromechanical(More)
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