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—There are several results on the stabilization or regulation of nonlinear systems with either triangular or feedforward nonlinearity. However , the existing results are applicable to their considered systems when the nonlinearity structure is known a priori. In this technical note, we propose a switching adaptive controller which tunes the dynamic gain(More)
The multi-agent rendezvous problem. Part 1: The synchronous case, " SIAM J. Contr. A time-varying complex dynamical network model and its controlled synchronization criteria, " IEEE Trans Autom. Master-slave synchronization with switching communication through passive model-based control design, " in Proc. Sufficient conditions for fast switching(More)
In this paper, we consider a stabilization problem of a chain of integrators which allows a time-varying delay in the input. Among the plethora of papers on the stabilization of input-delayed chain of integrators, the existing results are only with constant delays. We show that with the proposed output feedback controller, the considered system can be(More)
There have been several results on the nonlinear control of a ball and beam system. However, the existing methods often consider a simplified model, and particularly they neglect the centrifugal force term. In this paper, we propose a full-model based adaptive state feedback controller with dynamic gain in order to control the ball and beam system using the(More)