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—There are several results on the stabilization or regulation of nonlinear systems with either triangular or feedforward nonlinearity. However , the existing results are applicable to their considered systems when the nonlinearity structure is known a priori. In this technical note, we propose a switching adaptive controller which tunes the dynamic gain(More)
The multi-agent rendezvous problem. Part 1: The synchronous case, " SIAM J. Contr. A time-varying complex dynamical network model and its controlled synchronization criteria, " IEEE Trans Autom. Master-slave synchronization with switching communication through passive model-based control design, " in Proc. Sufficient conditions for fast switching(More)
There have been several results on the nonlinear control of a ball and beam system. However, the existing methods often consider a simplified model, and particularly they neglect the centrifugal force term. In this paper, we propose a full-model based adaptive state feedback controller with dynamic gain in order to control the ball and beam system using the(More)
We consider the robust stabilization of approximately feedback linearizable time-varying systems with uncertainties. By using high-gain feedback, we can transform the original system into the singularly perturbed system. Based on the Lyapunov stability theorem, we propose a new stabilizing controller by using singular perturbation and feedback(More)