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A novel stationary phase based on quinolinium ionic liquid-modified silica was prepared and evaluated for high-performance liquid chromatography. The stationary phase was investigated via normal-phase (NP), reversed-phase (RP), and anion-exchange (AE) chromatographic modes, respectively. Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, phthalates, parabens, phenols,(More)
Magnetic chitosan/graphene oxide (MCGO) materials were fabricated through a facile and fast process and their application as excellent adsorbents for metal ions was also demonstrated. The characteristics results of FTIR, SEM, TEM, VSM and XRD showed that MCGO was successfully prepared. The SEM and TEM revealed that magnetic chitosan had been assembled on(More)
Lithological, structural, metamorphic and geochronological data for the North China Craton enable its division into the Western and Eastern Blocks of Archean to Paleoproterozoic age separated by a north–south trending Paleoproterozoic orogenic belt: the Central Zone. The Central Zone is divisible into a series of lowto medium-grade granite–greenstone belts(More)
South China has been considered as part of the Rodinian supercontinent during Neoproterozoic time, although its paleogeographic position within this supercontinent is still a matter of debate. The Wangjiangshan and Bijigou complexes along the northern margin of South China are among the largest mafic intrusions in China. New SHRIMP zircon U-Pb results(More)
Graphene oxide was bonded onto a silver-coated stainless-steel wire using an ionic liquid as the crosslinking agent by a layer-by-layer strategy. The novel solid-phase microextraction fiber was characterized by scanning electron microscopy, energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy and Raman microscopy. A multilayer graphene oxide layer was closely coated onto(More)
A novel flow injection chemiluminescence (FI-CL) sensor for determination of sulfadiazine (SDZ) using core-shell magnetic molecularly imprinted polymers (MMIPs) as recognition element is developed. Briefly, a hydrophilic MMIPs layer was produced at the surface of Fe(3)O(4)@SiO(2) magnetic nanoparticles (MNPs) via combination of molecular imprinting and(More)
A novel magnetic composite bioadsorbent composed of magnetic chitosan and graphene oxide (MCGO) was prepared as the magnetic adsorbent toward methylene blue. The magnetic composite bioadsorbent was characterized by SEM, FTIR and XRD measurements. The effect factors including pH, contact time and temperature on the adsorption properties of methylene blue(More)
A novel solid-phase microextraction fiber based on a stainless steel wire coated with Au nanoparticles was prepared and has been applied, coupled with gas chromatography, to the extraction of aromatic hydrophobic organic chemical pollutants in rainwater and soil extract. The solid-phase microextraction fiber exhibited excellent extraction efficiency and(More)
Because of the occurrence of ion exchange between high-ionic-strength solution and anions of polymeric ionic liquids (PILs), PILs based solid-phase microextraction (SPME) fibers were rarely used in direct immersion mode to high-salt-added samples. In this work, a novel double-confined PIL sorbent was prepared by co-polymerization of cation and anion of(More)
A novel nano-adsorbent, β-cyclodextrin-chitosan (CDC) modified Fe(3)O(4) nanoparticles (CDCM) is fabricated for removal of methyl blue (MB) from aqueous solution by grafting CDC onto the magnetite surface. The characteristics results of FTIR, SEM and XRD show that CDC is grafted onto Fe(3)O(4) nanoparticles. The grafted CDC on the Fe(3)O(4) nanoparticles(More)