Min Su Han

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Nucleic acids act as the carriers of genetic information, and most organisms contain a type of enzymes called endonu-cleases, [1] which can hydrolyze the phosphodiester linkages in the nucleic acid backbone. These nucleases are important for many processes involving the replication, repair, and recom-bination of nucleic acids. Endonucleases such as DNA(More)
The effect of a sacrificial layer residue on a cantilever beam in the nano-electro-mechanical nonvolatile memory is investigated for the optimization of reliability characteristics. Different from previous research, pull in voltage model of nano-electro-mechanical nonvolatile memory used triangular residue layer which is considered by real wet etching(More)
A new method for determining the vitrification rate of pottery depending on the firing temperature was devised using secondary electron images (SEI) of scanning electron microscope (SEM). Several tests were performed to establish the appropriate operating conditions of SEM and reproducibility as well as to examine the applicability of the method. The(More)
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