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One of the most serious problems of smart card system such as Java card, is about an amount of insufficient memory. Moreover, most of the embedded devices with Java VM support the post-issuance of new applications. These applications are usually stored in the memory, which is usually EEPROM. The key idea of our approach is to reduce the size of CAP file by(More)
In addition to existing voice call service, the GSM platform has evolved to include various multimedia services and 3G services enabling international roaming. On that ground, safe data transmission and receiving technology and protection of privacy have become the key elements for the GSM service. However, many researchers have pointed out the problems(More)
USIM is the most popular user certification system on 3G mobile communication system. For this reason, USIM is installed inside of mobile equipments or user certification system. USIM card user gives more convenience services when they use mobile phone application service. USIM's main purposes are user certification and sensitive data (healthcare(More)
There are many severs that provide various services in the Internet. A user authentication scheme for these servers is a precondition. User authentication schemes are many studied by researchers for a multi-server environment. But user authentication doesn't secure safety in a multi-server environment that exist many servers by currently used(More)