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We study stable wireless link scheduling under the physical interference model in wireless networks. Given a set of elastic wireless communication requests arriving in an online fashion, the objective is to perform link scheduling to maximize the network throughput capacity. This well-motivated problem under an arbitrary physical interference model is(More)
In many practical applications of wireless sensor networks, it is crucial to accomplish the localization of sensors within a given time bound. We find that the traditional definition of relative localization is inappropriate for evaluating its actual overhead in localization time. To address this issue, we define a novel problem called essential(More)
Tumor necrosis factor receptor-associated factor 4 (TRAF4) is upregulated in various subtypes of breast cancers and cell lines; however, the precise functions of TRAF4 are poorly understood. Our objective was to investigate its relationship with β-catenin. TRAF4 participates in several signaling pathways, such as NF-κB and JNK signaling pathways. In this(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate telomerase gene expression in precancerous mammary lesion, such as atypical ductal hyperplasia and breast cancer and to study the relationship between expression and malignant transformation. METHODS Expression of human telomerase genes (hTR) and human reverse transcriptase gene (hTRT) in 76 cases of mammary tissue was evaluated(More)
The present paper reports an experimental test of a prototype graphic and textual search interface for a university database on art-resource works. Novice and expert searchers were tested on both interfaces with performance assessed in terms of search speed and accuracy. Verbal protocols and navigation strategies were also examined. Experts performed(More)
Visualization in information retrieval (IR) is a rapidly emerging area in which human-computer interaction (HCI) is adapted to the design of interfaces for IR systems. There are numerous proposals for the development of new visual IR systems. In parallel with the advent of advanced software and hardware, the attempts to design visualization-based IR systems(More)
We study delay-efficient data aggregation scheduling in wireless sensor networks subject to signal to interference-plus-noise ratio (SINR) constraints. We construct a routing tree and propose two scheduling algorithms that can generate collision-free link schedules for data aggregation. We prove that the delay of each algorithm is O(R + Δ) time(More)