Min-Sil Kang

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Mesoporous bioactive nanoparticles (MBNs) have been developed as promising additives to various types of bone or dentin regenerative material. However, biofunctionality of MBNs as dentin regenerative additive to dental materials have rarely been studied. We investigated the uptake efficiency of MBNs-NH2 with their endocytosis pathway and the role of(More)
Bio-based high elastic polyurethanes were prepared from hexamethylene diisocyanate and various ratios of isosorbide to poly(tetramethylene glycol) as a diol by a simple one-shot bulk polymerization without a catalyst. Successful synthesis of the polyurethanes was confirmed by Fourier transform-infrared spectroscopy and (1)H nuclear magnetic resonance.(More)
A new family of highly elastic polyurethanes (PUs) partially based on renewable isosorbide were prepared by reacting hexamethylene diisocyanate with a various ratios of isosorbide and polycarbonate diol 2000 (PCD) via a one-step bulk condensation polymerization without catalyst. The influence of the isorsorbide/PCD ratio on the properties of the PU was(More)
In order to overcome major problems regarding the lack of affinity to solvents and limited reactivity of the free amines of chitosan, introduction of appropriate spacer arms having terminal amine function is considered of interest. L-Alanine-N-carboxyanhydride was grafted onto chitosan via anionic ring-opening polymerization. The chemical and structural(More)
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