Min-Shin Chen

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In this paper, a nonlinear controller called the backstepping controller is applied to suppress the chaotic motion of a modified Chua's circuit system. The new controller can drive the system to the exact reference state at any prescribed speed. Most importantly, the controller achieves global exponential stability in the sense that the attraction basin for(More)
—The use of a boundary layer in sliding-mode control has been a common technique to reduce chattering of the control signal. However, different choices of the boundary layer width lead to conflicting effects: a large/small boundary layer width can more/less effectively alleviate the chattering phenomenon, but leads to less/more accurate control results.(More)
This research attempted to study the effect of lipophilicity on the anticancer activity of N-substituted norcantharimide derivatives. Twenty-three compounds were synthesized and their cytotoxicities against five human cancer cell lines studied. The lipophilicity of each derivative was altered by its substituent, an alkyl, alkyloxy, terpenyl or terpenyloxy(More)