Min-Sheng Yang

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Elm (Ulmus) has a long history of use as a high-quality heavy hardwood famous for its resistance to drought, cold, and salt. It grows in temperate, warm temperate, and subtropical regions. This is the first report of Ulmaceae chloroplast genomes by de novo sequencing. The Ulmus chloroplast genomes exhibited a typical quadripartite structure with two(More)
Taking the Ulmus pumila seedlings from three different habitats (medium-, mild-, and non-saline soils) as test materials, an experiment was conducted to study their salt-tolerance thresholds and physiological characteristic under different levels (0, 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 g X kg(-1)) of salt stress. With increasing level of the salt stress, the seedlings taken(More)
Using starch gel and polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis, 11 enzyme systems of two-year-old seedlings from 18 provences of Robinia pseudoacacia distributing in the middle Europe and America were investigated. There were 14 polymorphic loci with a proportion of 70.0% in twenty loci. Twelve polymorphic loci in 7 enzyme systems were calculated. In the 12(More)
The expressions of BtCry1Ac insect-resistance genes and rhizogenesis genes and their response to NaCl stress were studied using tissue culture plants of high transgenic insect-resistant 'poplar 741' and transpolygenes 741 (insect-resistant genes and T-DNA of Ri plasmid). The results showed that IAA and GA contents increased quickly, plant root number(More)
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