Min Sheng Huang

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BACKGROUND Geranium wilfordii is one of the major species used as Herba Geranii (lao-guan-cao) in China, it is commonly used solely or in polyherbal formulations for treatment of joint pain resulted from rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and gout. This herb is used to validate a target-based drug screening platform called Herbochip® and evaluate anti-inflammatory(More)
The phylogenetic analysis of dominant microbial populations in 8-year-old refuse samples was done in terms of the whole Bacterial and Archaeal domains. The results indicated that the Bacterial 16S rRNA genes sequences from the aged refuse were largely affiliated with the genus Bacillus, and that more than 60 % of the Archaeal sequences were closely related(More)
BACKGROUND Herbochip® technology is a high throughput drug screening platform in a reverse screening manner, in which potential chemical leads in herbal extracts are immobilized and drug target proteins can be used as probes for screening process [BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine (2015) 15:146]. While herbal medicines represent an ideal reservoir(More)
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