Min-Seung Cho

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Nanorods with an α type MnO(2) structure and a diameter ranging from 25 to 40 nm, along with tipped needles with a β MnO(2) structure and a diameter of 100 nm were obtained. The 25 nm diameter α MnO(2) nanorods showed the best catalytic activity for dissociation of HO(2)(-) formed during oxygen reduction in a KOH solution. The MnO(2) nanostructures(More)
This study suggests combustion synthesized Ce(1-x)Zr(x)O(2) (CZO; x = 0.1-0.5) as a new catalyst for the cathode in non-aqueous electrolyte based Li/O(2) cells. The spherical catalysts have a fluorite structure with a mean diameter of 5-17 nm. Zr doping into the ceria lattice leads to the reduction of Ce(4+) to Ce(3+), which further improves the catalyst(More)
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