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Conventional methane gas sensors based on catalytic combustion have the drawbacks of high working temperature, low thermal stability and small measurement range. To improve their performance, cerium, which possesses high oxygen storage and release ability, was introduced via nanotechnology to prepare Ce-contained nanostructure elements. Three kinds of(More)
The third-order nonlinear optical susceptibility X(3), nonlinear refractive index n2 and time response property of 1,2,5,6,dibenzathracene (C22H14) and dibenzopentacene (C30H18) in fused-cyclic aromatic hydrocarbon were studied with forward degenerate four-wave mixing (DFWM). The mechanism for their larger nonlinear effect and faster time response was(More)
This paper introduces a new way to analyze mixtures of inflammable gases with a single catalytic sensor. The analysis technology was based on a new finding that an electric field on the catalytic sensor can change the output sensitivity of the sensor. The analysis of mixed inflammable gases results from processing the output signals obtained by adjusting(More)
In order to achieve precisely two-dimensional spatial distribution reconstruction of smoke plume, passive MAX-DOAS tomography is established, the measurement of the spatial distribution of the exhaust plume is implemented by more passive multi-axis differential absorption spectrum system. First, the multi-axis differential absorption spectrum system and its(More)
In this paper, conventional CMF secondary instrument is improved by embedding modified BPNN algorithm for real-time and accurate monitoring water inrush in mine. The data of frequency, temperature and phase difference determined by CMF is applied to train network, as a result, phase frequency property of flow signal may be analyzed precisely for measuring(More)
—In order to make recognition for the composite taste, the paper puts forward the research on the composite taste recognition method based on fuzzy neural network based on the wavelet transform. According to the wavelet transformation and the compression and extraction of the data of the taste signals that are collected by the sensor, we use the fuzzy(More)
—In this paper a new forecast approach of coal mine dimensional and real-time, but it can also further analyze the water inrush based on microseismic monitoring technique was rupture scale and properties according to the source. Therefore, introduced. Coal rock microseismic signal was characterized by a novel means is provided to study the coal floor(More)
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