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  • Vlastimil K Rivan, Min Max Max, Min Max Uxe D, Min Max Uxe N
  • 1997
This study examines the in uence of various host-feeding patterns on host-parasitoid population dynamics. The following types of host-feeding patterns are considered: concurrent and non-destructive, non-concurrent and non-destructive, and non-concurrent and destructive. The host-parasitoid population dynamics is described by the Lotka{Volterra continuous(More)
Two-third-resections of the proximal or distal small bowel with and without artificial valves were performed in rats. Intestinal adaptation led to a significant increase in bowel diameter, villus height and villus diameter and consequently in absorptive mucosal surface area per unit of serosal area. Additional artificial valve construction did not affect(More)
The aim of this study was to develop a radioimmunoassay for the measurement of endogenous circulating melatonin concentrations in the Syrian hamster, and then to determine the effect of various photic manipulations upon this endocrine signal. In experiment 1, pineal-intact or pinealectomized adult male Syrian hamsters, housed under a long photoperiod (LD;(More)
Difference (Subtractor) Amplifier Products Monolithic difference amplifiers are a special category of in-amps that are usually designed to be used in applications where large dc or ac common-mode voltages are present. This includes many general current sensing applications, such as motor control, battery chargers, and power converters. In addition, there(More)
Seasonal regulation of reproduction occurs in golden hamsters (Mesocricetus auratus) in response to changes in day length (photoperiod). We report here the results of experiments designed to evaluate whether excitatory amino acid neurotransmission is involved in mediating the effects of light on reproduction. We found that MK-801, a specific antagonist of(More)
In this paper we describe an extended behavior-based architecture capable of executing purposive tasks. The key to this capability is a novel mechanism for sharing data between behaviors. Simple processing elements called markers ground task related data on sensor data flow and communicate it to the behaviors. A control system based on the architecture(More)
GPA, a linear combination of grades assigned in different courses, is not an ideal measure of student achievement because it reflects not only academic achievement, but also course taking strategies and instructor grading practices. Unless course selection is not allowed and all instructors are willing to adhere to a universal grading standard, GPAs for(More)
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