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In this paper, we present a local graph matching based method for tracking cells and cell divisions in noisy images. We work with plant cells, where the cells are tightly clustered in space and computing correspondences across time can be very challenging. The local graph matching method is able to track the cells and cell divisions even when significant(More)
Numerous animal studies have shown the applicability of diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) to track Wallerian degeneration that occurs after injury to the neural fiber. Non-invasive biomarkers that may differentiate the early axonal breakdown and later myelin degradation have been attributed to either reduced parallel and elevated perpendicular diffusivity,(More)
The process of recreating CAD models from actual physical parts, formally known as digital shape reconstruction (DSR) is an integral part of product development, especially in redesign. While, the majority of current methods used in DSR are surface-based, our overarching goal is to obtain direct parameterization of 3D meshes, by avoiding the actual(More)
Poor scalability is a long standing problem in multi-user MIMO (MU-MIMO) networks: in order to select concurrent uplink users with strong channel orthogonality and thus high total capacity, channel state information (CSI) feedback from users is required. However, when the user population is large, the overhead from CSI feedback can easily overwhelm the(More)
Rough set theory and formal concept analysis are two complementary mathematical tools for data analysis. In this paper, we study the reduction of the concept lattices based on rough set theory and propose two kinds of reduction methods for the above concept lattices. First, we present the sufficient and necessary conditions for justifying whether an(More)