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Ammonia oxidation plays a pivotal role in the cycling and removal of nitrogen in aquatic sediments. Certain bacterial groups and a novel group of archaea, which is affiliated with the novel phylum Thaumarchaeota, can perform this initial nitrification step. We examined the diversity and abundance of ammonia-oxidizing β-Proteobacteria (β-AOB) and(More)
In heterogeneous wireless networks, handoff can be separated into two parts: horizontal handoff (HHO) and vertical handoff (VHO). VHO plays an important role to fulfill seamless data transfer when mobile nodes cross wireless access networks with different link layer technologies. Current VHO algorithms mainly focus on when to trigger VHO, but neglect the(More)
It is widely known that, for most natural images, appropriate contrast enhancement can usually lead to improved subjective quality. Despite of its importance to image processing, contrast change has largely been overlooked in the current research of image quality assessment (IQA). To fill this void, in this paper we first report a new and dedicated(More)
Animal models have provided useful insights into the development and treatment of neuropathic pain. New genetic data from both human studies and transgenic mouse models suggest that specific voltage-gated sodium channel subtypes are associated with specific types of pain and, as such, may be useful analgesic drug targets for a variety of pain types(More)
Teachers' implementation of technology-enhanced student-centered learning environments (SCLEs) will be affected by their beliefs about effective practices. In order for student-centered programs to be used as intended, designers must be aware of the key issues that will shape their implementation and the beliefs teachers hold about these issues. This case(More)
Proper contrast change can improve the perceptual quality of most images, but it has largely been overlooked in the current research of image quality assessment (IQA). To fill this void, we in this paper first report a new large dedicated contrast-changed image database (CCID2014), which includes 655 images and associated subjective ratings recorded from 22(More)
Understanding the development of human brain organization is critical for gaining insight into how the enhancement of cognitive processes is related to the fine-tuning of the brain network. However, the developmental trajectory of the large-scale white matter (WM) network is not fully understood. Here, using graph theory, we examine developmental changes in(More)
1. We have compared the antagonist activity of trinitrophenyl-ATP (TNP-ATP) and diinosine pentaphosphate (Ip(5)I) on recombinant P2X receptors expressed in Xenopus oocytes with their actions at native P2X receptors in sensory neurones from dorsal root and nodose ganglia. 2. Slowly-desensitizing responses to alpha,beta-methylene ATP (alpha,beta-meATP)(More)