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Fishing groupers towards extinction: a global assessment of threats and extinction risks in a billion dollar fishery
Given that the major threat is overfishing, accompanied by a general absence and/or poor application of fishery management, the prognosis for restoration and successful conservation of Threatened species is poor. Expand
Formation of poly(L,D-lactide) spheres with controlled size by direct dialysis
Abstract In this work, we show that simple dialysis of a poly( dl -lactic acid) (PLA) solution against water resulted in the spontaneous formation of PLA spheres. We observed initial formation ofExpand
Molecular cytogenetic analyses of Epinephelus bruneus and Epinephelus moara (Perciformes, Epinephelidae)
Molecular cytogenetic analyses confirmed that E. moara, which has long been considered a synonym of E. bruneus, is a distinct species in the family Epinephelidae. Expand
Effects of temperature on survival, development, growth and feeding of larvae of Yellowtail clownfish Amphiprion clarkii (Pisces: Perciformes)
It is suggested that the decline of larval survival and growth rates, extension of pelagic larval duration and reduction of larv feeding at lower temperature have ecological impacts on larval dispersal and metamorphosis, juvenile settlement and population replenishment in A. clarkii in the wild. Expand
Transcriptome analysis of Kuruma shrimp (Marsupenaeus japonicus) hepatopancreas in response to white spot syndrome virus (WSSV) under experimental infection
The transcriptome data from hepatopancreas of Kuruma shrimp under WSSV challenge provided comprehensive information for identifying novel immune related genes in this valuable crustacean species despite the absence of the genome database of crustaceans. Expand
Hydrothermal Syntheses of Gold Nanocrystals: From Icosahedral to Its Truncated Form
We have successfully controlled the shape of gold nanocrystals through a simple and low-cost hydrothermal method based on a modified polyol process. Well-defined gold nanocrystals of icosahedralExpand
Molecular characterization and expression analysis of interferon-gamma in the large yellow croaker Larimichthys crocea.
The phylogenetic relationship tree of 18 available IFN-γ genes was constructed based on their sequences and showed a clear correlative relationship with the life cycle of C. irritans. Expand
Discovery and molecular cloning of piscidin-5-like gene from the large yellow croaker (Larimichthys crocea).
More environmental friendly treatments and approaches for fish disease are urgently needed because of the poor managements and water deterioration in the mariculture areas, various diseases have been out-broken frequently. Expand
Complete mitochondrial genome of the Critically Endangered speartooth shark Glyphis glyphis (Carcharhiniformes: Carcharhinidae)
The first complete mitogenome for the speartooth shark Glyphis glyphis, a rare euryhaline elasmobranch from northern Australia and Papua New Guinea, is presented to help elucidate the taxonomy of this poorly known group of sharks. Expand
Complete mitochondrial genome of the Japanese wobbegong Orectolobus japonicus (Orectolobiformes: Orectolobidae)
The complete mitochondrial genome of the Japanese wobbegong Orectolobus japonicus was presented and it was found that the tRNA-Ser2 lacks the dihydrouridine arm and cannot be folded into a typical cloverleaf structure. Expand