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We propose a novel deep network structure called " Network In Network " (NIN) to enhance model discriminability for local patches within the receptive field. The conventional convolutional layer uses linear filters followed by a nonlinear activation function to scan the input. Instead, we build micro neural networks with more complex structures to abstract(More)
MXNet is a multi-language machine learning (ML) library to ease the development of ML algorithms, especially for deep neural networks. Embedded in the host language, it blends declarative symbolic expression with imperative tensor computation. It offers auto differentiation to derive gradients. MXNet is computation and memory efficient and runs on various(More)
Delftia tsuruhatensis AD9 was isolated as an aniline-degrading bacterium from the soil surrounding a textile dyeing plant. The gene cluster involved in aniline degradation was cloned from the total DNA of strain AD9 into Escherichia coli JM109. After shotgun cloning, two recombinant E. coli strains showing aniline oxidation activity or catechol(More)
People frequently write messages to themselves. These informal, hurried personal jottings serve as temporary storage for notable information as well as reminders for future action. Many mobile technologies have been designed specifically to support this ubiquitous behavior; however, adoption has been universally problematic. Despite its clear utility, the(More)
The size of an organ must be tightly controlled so that it fits within an organism. The mammalian lens is a relatively simple organ composed of terminally differentiated, amitotic lens fiber cells capped on the anterior surface by a layer of immature, mitotic epithelial cells. The proliferation of lens epithelial cells fuels the growth of the lens, thus(More)
BACKGROUND Single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) have emerged as the genetic marker of choice for mapping disease loci and candidate gene association studies, because of their high density and relatively even distribution in the human genomes. There is a need for systems allowing medium multiplexing (ten to hundreds of SNPs) with high throughput, which can(More)
The Pseudomonas stutzeri strain A1501 (formerly known as Alcaligenes faecalis) fixes nitrogen under microaerobic conditions in the free-living state and colonizes rice endophytically. The authors characterized a region in strain A1501, corresponding to most of the nif genes and the rnf genes, involved in electron transport to nitrogenase in Rhodobacter(More)
Because of uncertainty about linkage phases of founders, linkage mapping in nonmodel, outcrossing systems using molecular markers presents one of the major statistical challenges in genetic research. In this article, we devise a statistical method for mapping QTL affecting a complex trait by incorporating all possible QTL-marker linkage phases within a(More)