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Modifying the DPClus algorithm for identifying protein complexes based on new topological structures
BackgroundIdentification of protein complexes is crucial for understanding principles of cellular organization and functions. As the size of protein-protein interaction set increases, a general trendExpand
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A local average connectivity-based method for identifying essential proteins from the network level
Identifying essential proteins is very important for understanding the minimal requirements of cellular survival and development. Fast growth in the amount of available protein-protein interactionsExpand
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A new essential protein discovery method based on the integration of protein-protein interaction and gene expression data
BackgroundIdentification of essential proteins is always a challenging task since it requires experimental approaches that are time-consuming and laborious. With the advances in high throughputExpand
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Drug repositioning based on comprehensive similarity measures and Bi-Random walk algorithm
MOTIVATION Drug repositioning, which aims to identify new indications for existing drugs, offers a promising alternative to reduce the total time and cost of traditional drug development. ManyExpand
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CytoNCA: A cytoscape plugin for centrality analysis and evaluation of protein interaction networks
BACKGROUND AND SCOPE Nowadays, centrality analysis has become a principal method for identifying essential proteins in biological networks. Here we present CytoNCA, a Cytoscape plugin integratingExpand
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Prediction of lncRNA–disease associations based on inductive matrix completion
Motivation Accumulating evidences indicate that long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs) play pivotal roles in various biological processes. Mutations and dysregulations of lncRNAs are implicated inExpand
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Identification of Essential Proteins Based on Edge Clustering Coefficient
Identification of essential proteins is key to understanding the minimal requirements for cellular life and important for drug design. The rapid increase of available protein-protein interactionExpand
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Fruit and vegetable intake and risk of type 2 diabetes mellitus: meta-analysis of prospective cohort studies
Objective To clarify and quantify the potential dose–response association between the intake of fruit and vegetables and risk of type 2 diabetes. Design Meta-analysis and systematic review ofExpand
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A Fast Hierarchical Clustering Algorithm for Functional Modules Discovery in Protein Interaction Networks
As advances in the technologies of predicting protein interactions, huge data sets portrayed as networks have been available. Identification of functional modules from such networks is crucial forExpand
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Construction and application of dynamic protein interaction network based on time course gene expression data.
In recent years, researchers have tried to inject dynamic information into static protein interaction networks (PINs). The paper first proposes a three-sigma method to identify active time points ofExpand
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