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Power consumed by the memory system becomes a serious issue as the size of installed memory increases. With various low power modes that can be applied to each memory unit, the operating system can reduce the number of active memory units by collocating active pages onto a few memory units. This paper presents a memory management scheme based on this(More)
Virtualization technology enables server consolidation and has given an impetus to low-cost green data centers. However, current hypervisors do not provide adequate support for real-time applications, and this has limited the adoption of virtualization in some domains. Soft real-time applications, such as media-based ones, are impeded by components of(More)
The performance of modern many-core platforms strongly depends on the effectiveness of using their complex cache and memory structures. This indicates the need for a memory-centric approach to platform scheduling, in which it is the locations of memory blocks in caches rather than CPU idleness that determines where application processes are run. Using the(More)
As the trend of more cores sharing common resources on a single die and more systems crammed into enterprise computing space continue , optimizing the economies of scale for a given compute capacity is becoming more critical. One major challenge in performance scal-ability is the growing L2 cache contention caused by multiple contexts running on a(More)
  • Benjamin Levi, Aaron W. James, Emily R. Nelson, Dean Vistnes, Benjamin Wu, Min Lee +2 others
  • 2010
BACKGROUND Human adipose-derived stromal cells (hASCs) represent a multipotent cell stromal cell type with proven capacity to differentiate along an osteogenic lineage. This suggests that they may be used to heal defects of the craniofacial or appendicular skeleton. We sought to substantiate the use of undifferentiated hASCs in the regeneration of a(More)
— There are two broad categories of approaches used for checkpointing: application-transparent and application-assisted. Typically, application-assisted approaches provide a more flexible and lightweight mechanism but require changes to the application. Although most applications run well under virtualization (e.g. Xen which is being adopted widely), the(More)
Bone morphogenetic proteins (BMPs) are believed to be the most potent osteoinductive factors. However, BMPs are highly pleiotropic molecules and their supra-physiological high dose requirement leads to adverse side effects and inefficient bone formation. Thus, there is a need to develop alternative osteoinductive growth factor strategies that can(More)
  • David Burghoff, Tsung-Yu Kao, Dayan Ban, Alan Wei, Min Lee, Qing Hu +1 other
  • 2011
A terahertz pulse emitter monolithically integrated with a quantum cascade laser ͑QCL͒ is demonstrated. The emitter facet is excited by near-infrared pulses from a mode-locked Ti:sapphire laser, and the resulting current transients generate terahertz pulses that are coupled into an electrically isolated QCL in proximity. These pulses are used to measure the(More)