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PURPOSE Whether febrile seizures have detrimental consequences on the brain is still controversial. We hypothesized that neuronal inhibition in the hippocampus is altered after hyperthermia-induced seizures in immature rats. METHODS Rats were given a single seizure by a heat lamp on postnatal day (PND) 15, or repeated seizures by heated air on PND 13 to(More)
In a previous study, we reported a rat model of early-life limbic seizures which resulted in a loss of GABA(B) receptor inhibition in the hippocampus. Since gating of auditory evoked potentials in the hippocampus (auditory gating) requires GABA(B) receptors and spatial behaviors depend on the hippocampus, we hypothesize that rats with early-life limbic(More)
Consequences of seizures in the developing brain are not completely understood. The aim of this study was to investigate the long-term alterations of synaptic transmission and seizure susceptibility in the hippocampus after early-life seizures induced by systemic injection of a GABA(B)-receptor antagonist CGP56999A in immature rats. Experimental rats were(More)
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