Min Kyu Song

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PURPOSE To (1) determine the length of the osteotomy at the anterior and posterior cortex, (2) compare between uni- and biplanar osteotomy, and (3) evaluate the relationship between the extent of the osteotomy and change of the posterior tibial slope. METHODS A prospective comparative study of 24 uniplanar and 30 biplanar osteotomies was performed. To(More)
In this paper, we propose a new construction of perfect p<sup>k</sup>-ary sequences of period p<sup>k</sup>, where p is an odd prime and k &#x2265; 2 is a positive integer, based on cubic polynomials over the integers modulo p<sup>k</sup>. We show that, for some appropriate parameters, it generates perfect polyphase sequences which are not the generalized(More)
1 4 chapter G lobal imbalances narrowed during the crisis, but a strong and balanced recovery requires that this narrowing be made more durable. Before the crisis, a number of economies experienced large and persistent current account imbalances (Figure 4.1). These imbalances shrank sharply in 2009, reflecting both cyclical and more lasting developments. In(More)
In this paper, we show that the cross-correlation of two properly chosen column sequences from the array structure of two different Sidelnikov sequences of periods q<sup>e</sup>-1 and q<sup>f</sup> - 1, where e &#x2260; f, is bounded by (e+f-1)&#x221A;q+1. From this result, we construct new sequence families by combining sequence families from the array(More)
In this paper, we discuss some conditions for LPI signals, and propose a system with multiple users requiring these LPI properties using the optimal families of polyphase sequences recently discovered by Park et. al. We discuss and prove the bound on the key space for candidates, and conclude that our system is more secure than those employing encrypted(More)
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