Min-Kyoung Paik

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We tested whether unpleasant life events increased seizure occurrence in persons with epilepsy. Forty-six subjects maintained daily diaries for 10-36 weeks in which they recorded seizures and life events. Mean age of subjects was 39 years; 78% were female; 83% had complex partial seizures (CPS). On the average, subjects reported 3.3 seizures a week.(More)
OBJECTIVES Continuous monitoring of chemical residues in agricultural and food products has been performed by various government bodies in South Korea. These bodies have made attempts to systematically manage this information by creating a monitoring database system as well as a system based on these data with which to assess the health risk of chemical(More)
The number of farmers who have suffered from non-fatal acute pesticide poisoning has been reported to vary from 5.7% to 86.7% in South Korea since 1975. Absorption through the skin is the main route of exposure to pesticides for farmers who operate with them. Several in vitro tests using the skins of humans or animal and in vivo tests using laboratory(More)
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