Min Kim

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BACKGROUND COPD is a significant cause of morbidity and mortality. Guidelines recommend the confirmation of a COPD diagnosis with spirometry. Limited evidence exists, however, documenting the frequency of spirometry use in clinical practice. METHODS The National Committee for Quality Assurance recruited five health plans to determine the proportion of(More)
Despite extensive prevention efforts, an estimated 21% of individuals with HIV/AIDS in the United States are unaware of their status, placing them at greater risk for spreading the virus to others. HIV treatment as prevention (TasP) is rapidly becoming an important public health strategy to reduce HIV transmission at the population level. Data for this(More)
BACKGROUND Effective knowledge translation at the point of care requires that clinicians quickly find correct answers to clinical questions, and that they have appropriate confidence in their answers. Web-based knowledge resources can facilitate this process. OBJECTIVE The objective of our study was to evaluate a novel Web-based knowledge resource in(More)
Performance measurement and reporting has become widespread. The authors provide a status snapshot of regional (n = 20) and nonregional (n = 24) initiatives that have issued at least 1 performance report since 2005. Most regional initiatives around the United States are in the very early stages of acquiring data and devising data collection strategies. The(More)
BACKGROUND Within the United States, HIV affects men who have sex with men (MSM) disproportionally compared to the general population. In 2011, MSM represented nearly two-thirds of all new HIV infections while representing less than 2% of the US male population. Condoms continue to be the foundation of many HIV prevention programs; however, the failure rate(More)
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