Min Keng Tan

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— The aim of this research is to control the reactor temperature of an exothermic batch process. During the process, large amount of heat will be released rapidly when the reactants are mixed together. The exothermic behaviour causes the reaction to become unstable and consequently poses safety concern to the plant personnel. In practice, heat is needed to(More)
— This paper aims to apply a maximum power point tracking (MPPT) algorithm into a wind turbine with variable speed generator model, jointly the wind energy conversion system (WECS). There are several types of wind turbine in different configurations and their efficiencies in energy extraction are different depending on their aerodynamic designs. In general,(More)
South and Southeast Asian countries have undertaken demersal trawl surveys to measure the fisheries potential of their waters throughout the 20th century. However, ensuring full use of, and easy access to the resulting data is a challenge in developing countries. The " Fisheries Resource Information System and Tools " (FiRST) was developed through a(More)
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