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Gustatory Receptors Required for Avoiding the Insecticide l-Canavanine
It is shown that GRs are essential for responding to l-canavanine and that flies missing DmXR displayed normal l-Canavanine avoidance and l- canavanine-evoked action potentials, and that GR8a contributes to the specificity for l- Canavanine. Expand
Impact of experience on government policy toward acceptance of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in Korea
As the "low carbon, green growth" agenda, which emphasized sustainable development through equilibrium between economic growth and environmental preservation, is propagated rapidly in Korea. DespiteExpand
Factors affecting quality and performance – a case study of Korean aircraft maintenance unit
Despite the Korean aviation system's reputation for aviation safety, in the case of military aircraft, there have been accidents involving jet fighters. As the results of investigations into theExpand
A Study on The Marketing Strategy of IoT (Internet of Things)-based Smart Home Service Companies Focusing on The Case of Xiaomi
In the background of the rapid development of the IoT, smart home work is becoming more and more important to each science and technology company. Smart home provides a safe, comfortable,Expand
Factors affecting customer acceptance of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in Korea
Despite government efforts to promote green transportation, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles (hereinafter HFCVs) need to gain public acceptance before they enter the market successfully. The results ofExpand