Min Hyeok Kim

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We experimentally study the propagation of circularly polarized light in the subdiffusion regime by exploiting enhanced backscattering [(EBS), also known as coherent backscattering] of light under low spatial coherence illumination. We demonstrate for the first time, to the best of our knowledge, that a circular polarization memory effect exists in EBS over(More)
The origin of low-coherence enhanced backscattering (EBS) of light in random media when the spatial coherence length of illumination is much smaller than the transport mean free path has been poorly understood. We report that in weakly scattering discrete random media low-coherence EBS originates from time-reversed paths of double scattering. Low spatial(More)
The information capacity of DNA double-crossover (DX) tiles was successfully increased beyond a binary representation to higher base representations. By controlling the length and the position of DNA hairpins on the DX tile, ternary and senary (base-3 and base-6) digit representations were realized and verified by atomic force microscopy. Also, normal mode(More)
Agonist-activated G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) interact with GDP-bound G protein heterotrimers (Gαβγ) promoting GDP/GTP exchange, which results in dissociation of Gα from the receptor and Gβγ. The GTPase activity of Gα hydrolyzes GTP to GDP, and the GDP-bound Gα interacts with Gβγ, forming a GDP-bound G protein heterotrimer. The G protein cycle is(More)
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