Min Hwan Suh

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The effect of reproductive intentions on subsequent fertility is evaluated for a group of low-parity, primarily rural, Korean women. These women were more successful in achieving wanted additional births than in avoiding unwanted births, both at the aggregate and individual level. Several models of fertility behavior are tested. Reproductive intentions and(More)
Asian dusts, yellow sand, or dust and sand storms (DSS) in Asian continent are the end products of desertification, which became a regional environmental problem being aggravated by time. It is closely related to an issue of sustainability in the region. As the desertification is caused not only by natural factors, such as the climate change, strong wind,(More)
Cover photos: (from left to right) 1) Tnah LH: Flowering of Neobalanocarpus heimii 2) Laskar M. Rahman: The Sundarbans, an UNESCO World Heritage Site spanning over Bangladesh and India 3) Wang HR: A population of Erythrophloeum fordii Oliv., age over 100 years, in fragmented natural forest is designated as ex situ conservation in southern China 1 2 4 5 6 8(More)
This study investigates the influence of structural and functional characteristics on the knowledge gap of family planning and sex information in unmarried female workers. In explaining the knoledge gap, structural variables, such as age, education, and economic status, as well as functional variables, such as salience, the are regarded as independent(More)
The importance of active canvassers as voluntary family planning manpower has been well recognized. The purpose of this study was to determine the sociodemographic characteristics, family planning message exposure, and knowledge, attitude, and practice of these active voluntary canvassers using 1978 national survey data. We operationally defined the(More)
The impact of the previous three years' input of the national family planning program on 1975 fertility levels in rural Korea was assessed using multivariate areal analysis techniques. Program input had a measurable negative effect on fertility, but the magnitude of the effect was lower than that of nonprogram factors. Holding availability of nonprogram(More)
To establish a management plan for endangered and rare species, genetic assessment must first be conducted. The genetic characteristics of plant species are affected by demographic history, reproductive strategy, and distributional range as well as anthropological effects. Abies koreana E. H. Wilson (Pinaceae), Korean fir, is endemic to Korea and found only(More)
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