Min Huan Jen

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(137)Cs contamination in living or agricultural environments may contribute to significant human internal exposure and cause adverse health effects. Contamination by (137)Cs and other radionuclides was detected in a river valley in northern Taiwan, in the 1990s. Given that the radioactivity appeared to be widely distributed in soil, rice and several other(More)
Environmental 137Cs contamination was suspected from accidents at spent fuel storage pits of a research reactor site in the Ta-han River valley in Taiwan. In order to further characterize this contamination, soil samples were collected and measured by a gamma-spectroscopy system in 1999. It was found that 137Cs contamination is distributed up to 4 km from(More)
At least eight bustling streets or approximately 3-5% of all the road surface of civilian utility in the downtown area of Taoyuan City, Taiwan, were inadvertently found to contain unusual levels of radioactivity during a routine environmental radiation surveillance in mid-1994. Crushed rock debris and coarse sands separated from the asphalt pavement were(More)
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