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Grain boundaries in graphene are formed by the joining of islands during the initial growth stage, and these boundaries govern transport properties and related device performance. Although information on the atomic rearrangement at graphene grain boundaries can be obtained using transmission electron microscopy and scanning tunnelling microscopy,(More)
Although hexagonal boron nitride (h-BN) is a good candidate for gate-insulating materials by minimizing interaction from substrate, further applications to electronic devices with available two-dimensional semiconductors continue to be limited by flake size. While monolayer h-BN has been synthesized on Pt and Cu foil using chemical vapour deposition (CVD),(More)
—This paper presents a novel QoS negotiable service framework (QNSF) to provide QoS based multi-room application services. The QNSF provides service bandwidth guaranteed services as well as priority based QoS services on home server based Ethernet networks. The QNSF works on Ethernet networks and legacy network devices. Although the QNSF can support(More)
— The home network has been revitalized due to the emergence of the broadband convergence network and the inter-networked home devices. The home gateway, which can be identified as a major component of the home network, enables to interconnect various home devices to one another as well as the Internet. Also, as the number of multimedia services, which(More)
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