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A current regulator for the resonant inverter, which chooses the nearest available voltage vector to the predicted desired voltage vector is proposed. It is proved that the proposed regulator minimizes RMS current error. The performance of the regulator is tested by computer simulations and compared with that of a conventional pulse density modulation (PDM)(More)
—This paper presents a novel QoS negotiable service framework (QNSF) to provide QoS based multi-room application services. The QNSF provides service bandwidth guaranteed services as well as priority based QoS services on home server based Ethernet networks. The QNSF works on Ethernet networks and legacy network devices. Although the QNSF can support(More)
— The home network has been revitalized due to the emergence of the broadband convergence network and the inter-networked home devices. The home gateway, which can be identified as a major component of the home network, enables to interconnect various home devices to one another as well as the Internet. Also, as the number of multimedia services, which(More)
Existing video streaming protocols get poor QoE (Quality of Experience) especially when network bandwidth is drastically fluctuated due to handoff events over heterogeneous networks where they provide different bandwidths and network conditions. This paper proposes a novel QoE guaranteed mobile video streaming scheme over heterogeneous wireless networks:(More)
Multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWCNT) should be treated via cutting process for engineering applications because almost as-prepared MWCNT are highly entangled and aggregated. Especially, the size distribution of MWCNT after cutting process is very important factor to determine the final properties of polymer-MWCNT composite. In this study, we take a novel(More)
Multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) are important materials with a unique combination of mechanical, electrical and thermal properties. MWCNTs usually exist as tangled aggregates embedding impurities such as catalysts or amorphous carbon. Therefore, purification and cutting process are essential processes to get the well-dispersed solutions in solvents(More)