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In a three-stage genome-wide association study among East Asian women including 22,780 cases and 24,181 controls, we identified 3 genetic loci newly associated with breast cancer risk, including rs4951011 at 1q32.1 (in intron 2 of the ZC3H11A gene; P=8.82×10(-9)), rs10474352 at 5q14.3 (near the ARRDC3 gene; P=1.67×10(-9)) and rs2290203 at 15q26.1 (in intron(More)
To investigate the diagnostic potential of DNA methylation-based markers in tissue samples of DCIS, we examined the prevalence and extent of methylation in breast ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) samples from North American and Korean women. Quantitative multiplex-methylation specific PCR (QM-MSP) of ten genes was performed. The methylation level of APC1,(More)
BACKGROUND Breast cancer survivors are at higher risk of psychological problems including suicidal ideation. However, studies on suicidal ideation in breast cancer survivors have been rare and have not been investigated prospectively. This study aimed to investigate the prevalence and independent risk factors for suicidal ideation within 1 week and at 1(More)
BACKGROUND CX3CL1 is the only CX3C chemokine that can chemoattract T cells, natural killer (NK) cells, and dendritic cells (DCs). The role of CX3CL1 in breast carcinoma remains unknown. METHODS Immunohistochemical staining for CX3CL1, CD8, CD57, and CD1a was performed on 204 breast carcinoma specimens using tissue microarray blocks to determine whether(More)
Substituents can induce dramatic changes in the photoluminescence properties of N,O-chelated boron complexes. Specifically, the boron complexes of 2-(benzothiazol-2-yl)phenols become bright deep blue- and orange-red-emitting materials depending on amino substituents at the 5- and 4-positions of 2-(benzothiazol-2-yl)phenol, respectively. Absorption and(More)
Nerve preservation is an important issue during most surgery because accidental transection or injury results in significant morbidity, including numbness, pain, weakness, or paralysis. Currently, nerves are still identified only by gross appearance and anatomical location during surgery, without intraoperative image guidance. Near-infrared (NIR)(More)
BACKGROUND Since inflammatory cytokines have been implicated in the pathophysiology of both cancer and depression, genes that contribute to determining cytokine functional activity are reasonable candidate risk factors for depression related to cancer. This study aimed to investigate whether alleles related to higher pro-inflammatory and/or lower(More)
OBJECTIVE We have noted that quantitative multiplex-methylation specific PCR (QM-MSP) analysis of a key panel of genes may be useful as an ancillary tool for ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) detection in breast tissue. In this study, we investigated aberrant promoter hypermethylation of four genes as a means to detect epigenetic alterations specific to(More)
BACKGROUND/AIM Interleukin-21(IL-21) stimulates cytotoxicity and interferon-γ (IFN-γ) production in natural killer (NK) cells. However, little has been reported on the stimulatory effect of IL-21 on ex vivo expanded NK cells. In this study, we examined the cytotoxicity and IFN-γ production of ex vivo expanded, IL-21-stimulated NK cells against(More)
PURPOSE We evaluated the capability of the neutrophil to lymphocyte ratio (NLR) as a diagnostic tool to discriminate between poorly differentiated thyroid cancer (PDTC) and anaplastic thyroid cancer (ATC) from well differentiated thyroid cancer (WDTC). METHODS The NLR of 3,870 patients with benign and malignant thyroid tumors were analyzed. There were 436(More)