Min Hee Kang

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Afferent stimulation of pyramidal cells in the basolateral amygdala produced mixed excitatory postsynaptic potentials (EPSPs) mediated by N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) and non-NMDA glutamate receptors during whole cell current-clamp recordings. In the presence of GABA(A) receptor blockade, the mixed EPSPs recruited a large "all-or-none" depolarizing event.(More)
The inhibitory effects of (1R,9S)- and (1S,9R)-enantiomers of beta-hydrastine (BHS) on dopamine biosynthesis in PC12 cells were investigated. (1R,9S)-BHS decreased the intracellular dopamine content with the IC50 value of 14.3 microM at 24 h, but (1S,9R)-BHS did not. (1R,9S)-BHS was not cytotoxic at concentrations up to 250 microM towards PC12 cells. In(More)
BACKGROUND Recent studies have assessed the therapeutic potential and drawbacks of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs). The adverse reactions of intravenous transplantation of bone marrow (BM)-derived MSCs were examined at varying doses and frequencies of administration. Nine healthy beagle dogs were purchased from a commercial laboratory. The dogs were(More)
The inhibitory effects of tributyltin chloride (TBTC) on dopamine biosynthesis in PC12 cells were investigated. Twenty-four hour exposure to TBTC at 0.5 microM showed 32.9% inhibition of dopamine content: the IC(50) value of TBTC was 0.72 microM. Dopamine content decreased at 6 h and reached a minimal level at 24 h after exposure to TBTC at 0.5 microM. The(More)
The inhibitory effects of tetrahydropapaveroline on serotonin biosynthesis in serotonin-producing murine mastocytoma P815 cells were investigated. Tetrahydropapaveroline decreased serotonin content in a concentration-dependent manner in P815 cells and showed 44.9% reduction of serotonin content at a concentration of 5.0 microM for 24 h. The value of 50%(More)
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