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Due to the low price and robustness resulting from its wide acceptance and deployment, Ethernet has become an attractive candidate for real-time control networks. However, it is difficult to build a real-time control network using the standard Ethernet because the Ethernet MAC protocol-1-persistent CSMA/CD protocol-may cause unpredictable access delay. When(More)
Location services are essential to many applications running on a hybrid of wirelessly-networked mobile actors and static sensors, such as surveillance systems and the Pursuer and Evader Game (PEG). To our best knowledge , there has been no previous location service protocol for wireless sensor networks. A number of location service protocols have been(More)
Data Centric Storage (DCS) is a well-known data storage and query processing mechanism for Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs), storing sensed data or their metadata at pre-specified locations. Queries issued by mobile users are sent to, and processed at, such storage nodes. However, securing DCS is very difficult because WSNs usually operate in an unattended(More)
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