Min-Fu Hsieh

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—This paper reviews many design issues and analysis techniques for the brushless permanent-magnet machine. It reviews the basic requirements for the use of both ac and dc machines and issues concerning the selection of pole number, winding layout, rotor topology, drive strategy, field weakening, and cooling. These are key issues in the design of a motor.(More)
This paper proposes a generalized equivalent magnetic circuit model for the design of permanent-magnet (PM) electric machines. Conventional approaches have been applied to PM machine design but may be insufficiently accurate or generalized without taking pole-slot counts into consideration. This would result in reduction of dimensioning accuracy at the(More)
This paper presents a sensorless drive technique for permanent-magnet brushless DC motors applied to electric pro-pulsors of small ships or underwater vehicles. Propulsors enveloping electric motors (e.g., POD or subsea thrusters) have been increasingly applied due to their advantages of excellent maneuverability, high efficiency and low maintenance costs.(More)
The paper presents a synchronous control scheme for a mechanically coupled dual ball screw system applied to wave makers driven by multiple servomotor/ball screw units or machine tools such as those of the gantry type. The hardware system is first established and modelled using a system identification approach. The controller is then designed with pseudo(More)
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