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This research applies an innovative way to measure and identify user’s emotion with different ingredient color. How to find an intuitive way to understand human emotion is the key point in this research. The RGB color system that is widely used of all forms computer system is an accumulative color system in which red, green, and blue light are added(More)
Nowadays, emotion is leaded into a key position of human behavior clue, and hence it should be included within the sensible model when an intelligent system aims to simulate or forecast human responses. This research utilizes backpropagation one of neural network model to build the emotion detecting mechanism. This research integrates and manipulates the(More)
Just in a few decades, the rapidly developed wireless networks and the intelligent information systems popularity had so dramatically changed our daily lives. From the view of the ubiquitous computing, which context and ambient awareness [5]respected omnipresent computing allow users to receive the location corresponded and suitable information at any time(More)
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