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Brassinosteroid and gibberellin promote many similar developmental responses in plants; however, their relationship remains unclear. Here we show that BR and GA act interdependently through a direct interaction between the BR-activated BZR1 and GA-inactivated DELLA transcription regulators. GA promotion of cell elongation required BR signalling, whereas BR(More)
Papillary thyroid carcinoma susceptibility candidate 3 (PTCSC3) is a newly identified non-coding RNA, which is highly thyroid-specific. Dramatic downregulation in thyroid cancers suggests its potential roles in the occurrence and development of thyroid tumors. The present study aimed to investigate the effects of PTCSC3 on the biological features of thyroid(More)
Dyslexic children have great difficulty in learning to read. While research in HCI suggests that tangible user interfaces (TUIs) have the potential to support children learning to read, few studies have explored how to help dyslexic children learn to read. Even fewer studies have specifically investigated the design space of texture cues in TUIs in(More)
Ex-ante cost of aggregate fluctuations consist of all individual and social cost expanded by optimizing agents aiming to prevent or reduce fluctuations of consumption. These are measured by the cost of resources used to attain the level of consumption volatility currently observed. This paper proposes that the ex-ante component of cost is important and(More)
Tangible User Interfaces (TUIs) have been suggested to have the potential to support learning for children. Despite the increasing number of TUI reading systems there are few design guidelines for children, especially for those with dyslexia (a specific difficulty in language acquisition skills). In this paper we discuss four design opportunities and five(More)
Dyslexia is defined as severe difficulty learning to read. It affects about 10% of the population in English speaking countries. Severe difficulty learning to read is correlated with tremendous emotional, social and economic costs. In this paper, we describe PhonoBlocks, a tangible user interface to a reading system that uses dynamic colour cues embedded in(More)
Renal carcinoma is the most common type of kidney cancer in adults and is responsible for ~90‑95% of the cases of kidney cancer. Ten‑eleven translocation methylcytosine dioxygenase 1 (TET1) is a member of the TET family of enzymes, and is expressed at low levels in multiple malignancies. In the present study, a series of experiments were designed and(More)
Porokeratosis (PK) is a heterogeneous group of keratinization disorders. No causal genes except MVK have been identified, even though the disease was linked to several genomic loci. Here, we performed massively parallel sequencing and exonic CNV screening of 12 isoprenoid genes in 134 index PK patients (61 familial and 73 sporadic) and identified causal(More)