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Effects of Calcination Condition on Expansion Property of MgO-type Expansive Agent Used in Cement-based Materials
Abstract Previous research indicated that the expansion property of MgO-type expansive agent (MEA) depended strongly on the calcining conditions, i.e. kiln temperature and residence time. However,Expand
Accelerated carbonation and performance of concrete made with steel slag as binding materials and aggregates
Steel slag has been used as supplementary cementitious materials or aggregates in concrete. However, the substitution levels of steel slag for Portland cement or natural aggregates were limited dueExpand
MgO expansive cement and concrete in China: Past, present and future
Abstract Uniquely, China employs MgO already contained in cement clinker or as an expansive additive to compensate for the thermal shrinkage of mass concrete, particularly dam concrete, with almostExpand
Deformation and mechanical properties of the expansive cements produced by inter-grinding cement clinker and MgOs with various reactivities
Abstract Magnesia (MgO) either intrinsically contained in cement clinker or prepared separately as expansive additive has been used to compensate for the shrinkage of cementitious materials. In thisExpand
Development of low-carbon cementitious materials via carbonating Portland cement–fly ash–magnesia blends under various curing scenarios: a comparative study
Abstract This study investigates a potential approach to produce low-carbon cementitious materials via using fly ash and reactive MgO as cement replacements, exposed to a pressurized CO 2 curingExpand
Deformation and mechanical properties of quaternary blended cements containing ground granulated blast furnace slag, fly ash and magnesia
Abstract Shrinkages of cementitious materials may lead to cracking under restrained conditions. This study was motivated to develop non-shrinkage quaternary blended cements through blending slag andExpand
Soundness evaluation of concrete with MgO
Abstract A new test method – delayed autoclave expansion test – has been used in this study to evaluate the soundness of concrete that contains intrinsic dead-burnt MgO and adscititious lightly burntExpand
Effects of Steel Slag Powder and Expansive Agent on the Properties of Ultra-High Performance Concrete (UHPC): Based on a Case Study
Heat flow calorimetry results show that the incorporation of steel slag powder and expansive agents decreases the hydration heat at three days and the obtained adiabatic temperature rise of UHPC is 59.5 °C. Expand
Research on Deterioration Mechanism of Concrete Materials in an Actual Structure
The cause for deterioration of the concrete structure located in severe environment has been explored both in field and in laboratory. Serious cracking and spalling appeared upon surface of theExpand
Effect of Fly Ash on Resistance to Sulfate Attack of Cement-Based Materials
The resistance to sulfate attack of mortars containing 0%, 20%, and 40% of fly ash cured in 5 wt. % sodium sulfate solution at 20°C was investigated in this paper. Visual appearance, crackingExpand