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This study aims to investigate the effect of speed and gender on subjective perceived exertion, muscle activity, joint motion of lower extremity, vertical ground reaction force and heart rate during barefoot walking. Thirty healthy young adults, 15 females and 15 males, participated in this study. The Borg CR-10 scale was applied to evaluate the perceived(More)
The COP progression is the trajectory of the center of foot pressure. Thirty healthy young adults were recruited to participate in this study. All subjects were asked to walk randomly at four different speeds (3km/h, preferred walking speed, 4km/h and 5km/h). A foot pressure measurement system (RS-scan(®) system) was used to collect the center of pressure(More)
This study investigated the work ability and its relationship with quality of life for the clinical nurses in Taiwan. The survey was of 1534 nursing professionals from 8 different hospitals. Work ability of nursing professionals varied by age, work experience, working departments and hospital types. Work ability of nurses increased with age until after the(More)
Epidemiological investigations indicate that nursing professionals experience a higher prevalence of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) than most other occupational groups. Most nursing activities require standing and walking for prolonged periods. Such job requirements may contribute to MSD problems in the lower extremities. Thus, wearing comfortable nursing(More)
This investigation identifies the center of pressure (COP) progression characteristics under the plantar region for elderly adults during barefoot walking. A total of 60 healthy adults (30 young and 30 old) were recruited. The young and elderly participants had average ages of 23.6 (SD=2.7) and 70.8 (SD=4.1) years old, respectively. All subjects had normal(More)
During radiotherapy treatments, quality assurance/control is essential, particularly dose delivery to patients. This study was designed to verify midline doses with diode in vivo dosimetry. Dosimetry was studied for 6-MV bilateral fields in head and neck cancer treatments and 10-MV bilateral and anteroposterior/posteroanterior (AP/PA) fields in pelvic(More)