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This study aims to investigate the effect of speed and gender on subjective perceived exertion, muscle activity, joint motion of lower extremity, vertical ground reaction force and heart rate during barefoot walking. Thirty healthy young adults, 15 females and 15 males, participated in this study. The Borg CR-10 scale was applied to evaluate the perceived(More)
The lateral spinal artery corresponds to the most rostral extent of the posterolateral arterial axis of the spinal cord. It supplies the posterior and lateral aspects of the spinal cord, and courses anterior to the posterior roots of the upper cervical spinal nerves (C-1 to C-4), and posterior to the dentate ligament. The lateral spinal artery anastomoses(More)
This investigation identifies the center of pressure (COP) progression characteristics under the plantar region for elderly adults during barefoot walking. A total of 60 healthy adults (30 young and 30 old) were recruited. The young and elderly participants had average ages of 23.6 (SD=2.7) and 70.8 (SD=4.1) years old, respectively. All subjects had normal(More)
Dubrowski. Control of laparoscopic instrument motion in an inanimate bench model : implications for the training and the evaluation of technical skills. Pages 123-132. Computer-assisted analysis of wrist movement has recently emerged as an objective laparoscopic performance evaluation method. The first purpose of this study was to assess the differences in(More)