Min Cheng

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An improved neighbor list algorithm is proposed to reduce unnecessary interatomic distance calculations in molecular simulations. It combines the advantages of Verlet table and cell linked list algorithms by using cell decomposition approach to accelerate the neighbor list construction speed, and data sorting method to lower the CPU data cache miss rate, as(More)
NURBS curve is one of the most commonly used tools in CAD systems and geometric modeling for its various specialties, which means that its shape is locally adjustable as well as its continuity order, and it can represent a conic curve precisely. But how to do degree reduction of NURBS curves in a fast and efficient way still remains a puzzling problem. By(More)
This paper presents an attempt on incremental robot learning from demonstration. Based on previously learnt knowledge about a task in simpler situations, a robot learns to fulfill the same task properly in a more complicated situation through analyzing comparative demonstrations and extracting new knowledge, especially the constraints that the task in the(More)
Intact Forest Landscape (IFL) is of great value in protecting biodiversity and supporting core ecological processes. It is important to analyze the spatial variation in the growth dynamics of IFL. This study analyzed the change of the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) during the growing season (April–October) for boreal (45 ˝ N–70 ˝ N) IFLs and(More)
Detecting anomalous Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) traffic is significantly important in improving both security and robustness of the Internet. Existing solutions apply classic classifiers to make real-time decision based on the traffic features of present moment. However, due to the frequently happening burst and noise in dynamic Internet traffic, the(More)