Mimi S Mong

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Previous studies have shown that CD8 beta plays a role in both enhancing CD8 alpha-associated Lck kinase activity and promoting the development of CD8-lineage T cells. To examine the role of this enhancement in the maturation of CD8-lineage cells, we assessed CD8 alpha-associated Lck kinase activity in both T cell hybridomas and thymocytes of mice(More)
During thymic development the recognition of MHC proteins by developing thymocytes influences their lineage commitment, such that recognition of class I MHC leads to CD8 T cell development, whereas recognition of class II MHC leads to CD4 T cell development. The coreceptors CD8 and CD4 may contribute to these different outcomes through interactions with(More)
A case of a severely immunosuppressed HIV-infected man with meningitis caused by Enterococcus faecalis is presented. E faecalis is a distinctly unusual cause of bacterial meningitis in patients with HIV infection and should be considered in the differential diagnosis of purulent meningitis in such patients to ensure optimal empiric treatment.
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