Miltos Petridis

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This paper discusses the use of UML artefacts to model cross-cutting concerns in Web application development. The concept of aspect-oriented design is discussed in the context of separating concerns for the development of Web based applications. Current approaches in the use of UML diagrams to support aspect-oriented design are discussed and evaluated in(More)
Based on a formal characterization of time-series and state-sequences, this paper proposes a new algorithm named the Optimal Temporal Common Subsequence (OTCS) to measure the similarity between state-sequences. Distinguishing from the conventional Longest Common Subsequence based measurements, a new concept of common subsequence named 'temporal common(More)
Web services based systems have recently found their way into many applications such as e-commerce, corporate integration and e-learning. Construction of new services or introducing new functions to existing services requires composition of web services. Current approaches to service composition often require major programming effort; this is time consuming(More)
The primary motivation for uptake of virtualization have been resource isolation, capacity management and resource customization: isolation and capacity management allow providers to isolate users from the site and control their resources usage while customization allows end-users to easily project the required environment onto a variety of sites. Various(More)
Virtualization technology has enabled applications to be decoupled from the underlying hardware providing the benefits of portability, better control over execution environment and isolation. It has been widely adopted in scientific grids and commercial clouds. Since virtualization, despite its benefits incurs a performance penalty, which could be(More)