Milton Smith

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T h e surface roughness of alluvial fans in Death Valley, California, changes as the fans age. Because radar backscatter is sensitive to surface roughness, it is possible to map relative surface age using Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) data. We have examined surface roughness estimates in Death Valley from Shuttle Imaging Radar-C SAR data with the use of a(More)
In six subjects nystagmography was used to compare the responses to cold calorization of one horizontal semicircular canal under ground-based and parabolic flight conditions. On the ground the expected individual differences in primary nystagmic responses were observed; only one subject manifested a brief weak secondary nystagmus. Aloft, the irrigation was(More)
A series of spontaneous abortions collected in the South Wales region over a period of 18 months was karyotyped to identify those with a normal chromosome complement. Microsatellite polymorphisms distributed throughout all autosomes were typed by the polymerase chain reaction to determine the parental origin of each autosome pair in karyotypically normal(More)
Despite advances in the therapy of chronic hepatitis C, a large number of patients do not respond to current therapies. The study objective was to assess whether a combination of interferon (IFN) alfacon-1 and ribavirin improves the response rate compared with a combination of INF α-2b and ribavirin in chronic hepatitis C subjects. The study was designed as(More)
Major histocompatibility complex antigens (HLA-ABC and -DR loci) on lymphocytes from 79 patients with La Crosse encephalitis were compared with those of 69 control subjects. Nine patients (11%) and none of the control population had HLA-B49 (P < .01, uncorrected for multiple comparisons). Of La Crosse encephalitis patients with acute-phase seizures, only 2(More)