Milton Pires Ramos

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Most CSCW and groupware systems focus the activities of distributed teams involved in large projects by means of tools for communication and awareness. The activities of small collocated teams are often neglected. Analyzing preliminary requirements of small teams, it is possible to observe the need of tools to help the elaboration of project documentation.(More)
Cooperative work involves several specialists who necessarily have different cultures, which leads to misunderstandings. International cooperation adds language problems and increases the cultural differences, making the sharing of knowledge even more complex. The paper reports some problems encountered in different collaborative situations. It proposes an(More)
Software developers often face the task of documenting source code. For many of them, documenting code development is a boring task. However, source code documentation is an important task, especially when dealing with groups of developers. An updated documentation allows group members to have greater visibility on what has been and is being developed,(More)
This paper presents Noctua, a tool to assist in Knowledge Acquisition and Collaborative Knowledge Construction processes. Noctua contains an innovation: a virtual catalyst designed to facilitate the task of eliciting and validating knowledge. The virtual catalyst queries collaborators, proposing new knowledge, seeking confirmation to the knowledge already(More)
During the software development cycle, artifacts (source-code, documentation, user manuals, etc.) are written, most of them, cooperatively. Each participant in a software development team plays a specific role, but may write an artifact cooperatively with participants playing different roles. In large and distributed teams the roles are well-defined and(More)
In this paper, we discuss the construction of dialogs for Personal Assistant Agents that are in charge of the interface between users and a Multi-Agent System. Such a system aims at providing support for small teams developing software collaboratively. These small teams have specific needs such as the integration of free or open-source tools or the support(More)