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To study the functional and microstructural characteristics of polydioxanone sutures in vascular surgery, we created 48 vascular anastomoses in the right and left common carotid arteries of 24 mongrel dogs. In each animal, polydioxanone sutures were used in 1 carotid artery, and polypropylene sutures were used in the contralateral carotid artery. Twelve(More)
Root plasticity, a trait that can respond to different soil environments, may assist plants to scavenge the nutrients in heterogeneous soils. The objective of this paper is to understand the NH4 +-responsive root architectural changes in rice for better acquisition of Nitrogen (N). Using a root basket method, we examined the variation in root plasticity(More)
Improved root system architecture can enhance agronomic performance by increasing water and nitrogen (N) acquisition efficiency. However, little is known about interaction between root system architecture and agronomic performance under field environments. To gain a better understanding about the genetic basis of these relationships, we evaluated a set of(More)
Nitrogen (N) fertilizers are a major input cost in rice production, and its excess application leads to major environmental pollution. Development of rice varieties with improved nitrogen use efficiency (NUE) is essential for sustainable agriculture. Here, we report the results of field evaluations of marker-free transgenic NERICA4 (New Rice for Africa 4)(More)
Drought stress has often caused significant decreases in crop production which could be associated with global warming. Enhancing drought tolerance without a grain yield penalty has been a great challenge in crop improvement. Here, we report the Arabidopsis thaliana galactinol synthase 2 gene (AtGolS2) was able to confer drought tolerance and increase grain(More)
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