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We demonstrate theoretically a parallelized C-NOT gate which allows us to entangle a mesoscopic ensemble of atoms with a single control atom in a single step, with high fidelity and on a microsecond time scale. Our scheme relies on the strong and long-ranged interaction between Rydberg atoms triggering electromagnetically induced transparency. By this we(More)
Convergence, the digital takeover of communication and information, produces a new kind of interchangeability and interconnectedness among different media forms. The rise of digital media results in: ♦ the coming together, in a single application or service, of information content from telephony, sound broadcasting, television, motion pictures, photography,(More)
The elephant in the room One of the most important but least-studied aspects of Internet policy is the emergence of a trading market for previously allocated Internet number blocks. Without unique Internet protocol numbers for the networks and devices attached, the Internet simply doesn't work. The original Internet Protocol standard, known as IPv4,(More)
A digital quantum simulator is an envisioned quantum device that can be programmed to efficiently simulate any other local system. We demonstrate and investigate the digital approach to quantum simulation in a system of trapped ions. With sequences of up to 100 gates and 6 qubits, the full time dynamics of a range of spin systems are digitally simulated.(More)
C hina's recent double-digit economic growth has impressed the world, but its telecommunications sector has been growing faster than the economy as a whole, expanding at an annual rate of 30%–50% since 1989 [10]. Each year, about 10 million phone lines are added to the public network. There are 6 to 7 million mobile phone users. China has further attempted(More)
Using a Fermi-Bose mixture of ultracold atoms in an optical lattice, we construct a quantum simulator for a U(1) gauge theory coupled to fermionic matter. The construction is based on quantum links which realize continuous gauge symmetry with discrete quantum variables. At low energies, quantum link models with staggered fermions emerge from a Hubbard-type(More)