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We investigated two outbreaks of an unusual gastrointestinal illness that affected at least 47 people in Oregon and Michigan in February through March and May through June 1982. The illness was characterized by severe crampy abdominal pain, initially watery diarrhea followed by grossly bloody diarrhea, and little or no fever. It was associated with eating(More)
OBJECTIVE As disturbed nociception may be relevant to the pathogenesis of fibromyalgia, nonnoxious electrocutaneous stimulation was used as a tool to investigate nociceptive status. METHODS Perception threshold and pain tolerance were studied in the upper limbs of 10 patients with fibromyalgia and 10 healthy volunteers. RESULTS Perception threshold did(More)
After two outbreaks of hemorrhagic colitis associated with a previously unrecognized pathogen, Escherichia coli O157:H7, a surveillance system was established to identify and study sporadic cases of this distinct clinical illness in the United States. Between August 1982 and April 1984, we identified 28 persons from 11 states who met our case definition and(More)
Recent studies into the common complaint of chronic neck pain have focused on its anatomical origin, identifying especially the cervical zygapophysial joints. However the pathophysiology of chronic neck pain remains poorly understood. In this psychophysical study, responses to electrocutaneous stimulation in subjects with chronic neck pain were examined. In(More)
On August 3, 1976, ongoing Salmonella surveillance in Colorado first detected an epidemic of Salmonella heidelberg infections that eventually totaled 339 isolates. The majority of the cases occurred between July 23 and August 12 in two widely separated cities: Denver and Pueblo. Epidemiologic investigation successively incriminated 1) recent dining at(More)
An unusual case of yellow nail syndrome (YNS) is reported. Total resolution of yellow nails and lymphoedema was observed following oral zinc supplementation for 2 years. A few years later, the patient developed a classical seropositive rheumatoid arthritis (RA). YNS, alone or associated with RA remains a rare clinical condition. The reported beneficial(More)
All forms of botulism are rare in the United States, and, as a result, descriptions of the pertinent epidemiologic features and clinical spectrum of illness are limited. This review describes the epidemiologic characteristics of the 355 cases of botulism in adults reported in the United States between 1976 and 1984, outlines current therapy, and emphasizes(More)
Antibodies to ribonucleoprotein (RNP) were detected by an immunofluorescence technique based on the sensitivity of speckled antinuclear antibodies to ribonuclease. These antibodies were found to identify a group of patients with a consistent set of clinical features, especially arthritis, swollen hands, Raynaud's phenomenon, and myositis. The presence of(More)
A burn patient with a multiply antibiotic-resistant Staphylococcus aureus infection was transferred to Harborview Medical Center from a burn unit in another state. Despite standard wound precautions, transmission to 34 patients occurred during the subsequent 15 months. Twenty-seven of the patients were infected. Disease included pneumonia, empyema,(More)