Miltiadis Alexios Papadopoulos

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This paper presents a new publicly available video texture database (BVI Texture) that contains test sequences and subjective opinion scores. The database exhibits a wide range of static and dynamic textures together with some mixed content. Each sequence is indexed using various video feature descriptors that characterize its spatial activity, temporal(More)
This work presents two studies on the topic of coding highly textured content with H.265/HEVC. The aim of the studies is to identify any potential for improvement in the performance of the codec with this type of content. Both studies employ a texture-focused video database developed by the authors. Study I evaluates the performance of H.265/HEVC relative(More)
This paper investigates the effect that the QP offset value has on the coding performance of HEVC. We relate QP offset to the type of texture content present in the sequence. These then are used to develop a low-complexity adaptive QP offset selection method. This enables in-loop configuration of the QP offset parameter in a way that is content dependent(More)
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