Miltiades E. Anagnostou

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Recently, Web services (WSs) have evolved to a quite popular research field. Nevertheless, there are obstacles that prevent the introduction of WS provision in the wide market. Among these is the inability to represent the non-functional features of WSs, i.e. their quality-of-service. Integrating QoS features in WS profiles is to the advantage of both users(More)
Web Services (WSs) are a new breed of web application that have brought out quite challenging research issues. One of these is the establishment of an interoperable semantic framework suitable to represent all potential features of WSs. Apart from the functional properties that have already been modeled via standardized tools, there are also the(More)
Context awareness is an inherent feature of pervasive computing. It enhances the proactiveness of the system thus requiring less user attention and fewer human-machine interactions, it supports intelligent personalization features, and it can assist the system to address the user requirements considering the current conditions. Nevertheless, in such(More)
The alignment of the context information with the service objectives facilitates the successful provisioning of context-aware services. Moreover, the fact that context may come from transient and/or unreliable sources needs consideration. False or stale context can dramatically affect the decisions and the actions taken by context-aware services. This paper(More)
Pervasive computing systems that strive to be minimally intrusive and exhibit inherent proactiveness and dynamic adaptability to the user preferences and environment need to be context-aware. Context-awareness provides computing environments with the ability to adapt the services or content they provide, by implicitly sensing and automatically deriving the(More)