Milovan Radulović

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A rule-based control and its application in functional electrical stimulation (FES) assisted walking of subjects with paraplegia are described in this paper. The design of rules for control comprises the following two steps: (1) determination of muscle activation patterns by using a fully customized spatial (3D) model of paraplegic walking, and (2) learning(More)
A planar biomechanical model of a human leg has been developed to investigate automatic control strategies for artificially stimulated muscle using electrical stimulation (ES). The model comprises the nonlinear multiplicative model of the muscles, tendons and two body segments (thigh and shank-foot complex), that is, the hip and the knee. Flexor and(More)
The effect of organic selenium as feed additive contained in the feed was investigated, applied in concentrations of 0.3 and 0.4 mg Se/kg mixture on production characteristics pheasant. The study was conducted on a total of 45 common pheasant individuals Phasianus colchicus, six weeks old, divided into three equal groups of 15 individuals for 60 days. The(More)
The purpose of this study was to improve the prognostic value of tumour histopathology image analysis methodology by image preprocessing. Key image qualities were modified including contrast, sharpness and brightness. The texture information was subsequently extracted from images of haematoxylin/eosin-stained tumour tissue sections by GLCM, monofractal and(More)
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